About me

Matias Hurtado

I'm a fifth-year student of engineering at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. I've been working as a free-lancer web page designer and developer since ten years ago. At PUC I've been performing as a researcher assistant on topics related to Internet, the World Wide Web and Online Social Networks. I'm part of the Social Visualization LAB at PUC (www.sovis.com)

Last projects

MIMIC Database research

I went to Austin for the summer (Chilean summer) as part of a PUC program with the University of Texas at Austin. While I was there, I investigate a clinical database called MIMIC. My work was focused on basic analysis and comparition of MIMIC-II with MIMIC-III, running machine learning algorithims and performing NLP analysis (eg. LDA). As result of this research I sent a Poster to AMIA 2016 conference (November 2016 at Chicago), which was accepted!.

Educational Platforms

As part of my free-lancer web desing and develop job, I've been working since 2015 in two platforms related with educational IT systems.
The first one is called Envía SMS (Send-SMS) and it allow teachers at primary, middle and high-school to send communications to parents over SMS. This is important because it ensures that communications reach them and it saves a lot of paper. More info at www.esms.cl
The second is called Integrate PIE (Comprehensive Educational Integration Program) and it's designed for public schools in Chile to handle and manage profiles, documents and evaluations of students whith special educational needs. More info at www.integratepie.cl